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Larry Wilson meets his donor

Larry Wilson meets his donor Johann Beissel

Christina Meets Her Donor

Christina meets her donor Dianne

Jason - Our 1,500th Bone Marrow Donor

Jason, our 1,500th donor, walks us through the donation day.

Delete Blood Cancer in the News

Broadcast Coverage

2 January 2014, WGN People to People Chicago Patient Searches for Bone Marrow Donor

17 June 2014, The Doctors Family’s Search For Life-Saving Bone Marrow Donors

27 June 2014, ABC7 Delete Blood Cancer and ABC7 New York: Bone Marrow Drive

1 November 2014, WFAA (ABC8 Dallas) Thousands Show up to "Mine for Cline" Bone Marrow Drive

Broadcast Coverage

CNN: Mandy and Owen Hoping for Christmas Gifts

CNN Story: Mandy and Owen Hoping for Christmas Gifts

Ramos PSA

PSA: Tampa Bay Rays Cesar Ramos rallies for our cause and encourages fans to get registered.

Katharina Harf, Co-Founder of Delete Blood Cancer
Together, We Can Delete Blood Cancer
World Blood Cancer Day is just a week away! HUGE shout-out to all of you who have added the #WBCD ampersand sign to your profile image. Let's keep the momentum going! The big day is May 28, so if you haven't added the symbol yet -- do it today. It's not too late to make your mark!
#WBCD #deletebloodcancer #bloodcancer #WorldBloodCancerDay #DKMS #DoGood
#TBT Remember that time @anthonydaniels_ and Bradley Cooper appeared on @goodmorningamerica with @robinrobertsgma? Then Bradley Cooper swabbed on live television?! Great morning and it will be an even greater morning this Monday at the 40th Ridgewood Run in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Join @anthonydaniels_ and his #gotcheeks team to learn why everyone should register to become a bone marrow donor. #MemorialDay #RidgewoodRun #5k #gotcheeks #deletebloodcancer #DKMS #WBCD #GetSwabbed #BradleyCanAndYouCanToo #SaveALife #SecondChance
What kind of Donut are you? Take our Doughnut Quiz.

On National Donut Day, June 5, some great shops around the country will celebrate the day with delicious donuts that support Delete Blood Cancer!  We will be giving you more details about the shops and their tasty treats in the weeks to come, so stay tuned! In the meantime, take the quiz 

#QuizTime #deletebloodcaner #donut #doughnuts #NationalDoughnutDay #HumpDay #DKMS #doughnate
In January of 2014 Karl Seiter, a decorated U.S. Army Ranger and loving father, received the devasting news that he had been diagnosed with acute leukemia During this two month period Karl dealt with several obstacles : he suffered heart, liver, & kidney failure, underwent dialysis, countless spinal taps, bone marrow biopsies, eye surgeries, and the loss of all central vision. Yet, despite all he's faced he refuses to feel pity for himself and continues his fight with a seemingly limitless courage.

This weekend on Memorial Day we will honor the service women and men like Karl who protect our country and we can think of no better way to honor Karl than to share his story, encourage friends and family to register, and show him he is not alone in his fight #dkms #deletebloodcancer #memorialday #heores #army #armystrong #stepupsignup #bloodcancers #leukemia
@toms We are rocking meetings with our bare feet, in hopes of providing a pair of shoes to a child in need. #withoutshoes #OneForOne #Toms #GiveBack #meetings #officelife
Meet Marta, a spirited 34-year from Spain who is currently battling leukemia. Marta dreams of being able to see her little niece grow, seeing her boyfriend smiling every morning and celebrating her recovery with her sister. She is optimistic in knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for her, she knows that she will win the battle.

Marta's perfect match may be across the ocean here in the U.S. -- or in Germany, or Poland -- or anywhere in the world. That's why it's so crucial to register and spread the word. #DKMS #Deletebloodcancer #leukemia #SwabStrong #Getswabbed #Hopestartswithyou #Cancer #fighter #cancersucks #battle #WBCD
Bravo to Becky -- she's joined the World Blood Cancer day movement by adding the red ampersand
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