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Larry Wilson meets his donor

Larry Wilson meets his donor Johann Beissel

Christina Meets Her Donor

Christina meets her donor Dianne

Jason - Our 1,500th Bone Marrow Donor

Jason, our 1,500th donor, walks us through the donation day.

Delete Blood Cancer in the News

Broadcast Coverage

2 January 2014, WGN People to People Chicago Patient Searches for Bone Marrow Donor

17 June 2014, The Doctors Family’s Search For Life-Saving Bone Marrow Donors

27 June 2014, ABC7 Delete Blood Cancer and ABC7 New York: Bone Marrow Drive

1 November 2014, WFAA (ABC8 Dallas) Thousands Show up to "Mine for Cline" Bone Marrow Drive

Broadcast Coverage

CNN: Mandy and Owen Hoping for Christmas Gifts

CNN Story: Mandy and Owen Hoping for Christmas Gifts

Ramos PSA

PSA: Tampa Bay Rays Cesar Ramos rallies for our cause and encourages fans to get registered.

Katharina Harf, Co-Founder of Delete Blood Cancer
Together, We Can Delete Blood Cancer
Great dads make great donors. Join Edward & register to become a potential bone marrow donor today. #GetSwabbed #GetRegistered #Dads #DoingGreatThings #DeleteBloodCancer #DKMS
Welcome to the fourth and final episode of the Delete Blood Cancer Super Trivia Show! It's National Minority Health Month and we're focusing on how people of color are impacted by blood cancers and other blood disorders. 
The Question:
Leukemia rates are higher among: 
A. Males 
B. Females  First 10 Winners will receive a wristband. Contest only available in the United States #dkms #deletebloodcancer #trivia #triviabuff #healthfacts #leukemia
When Michael Menafee donated his bone marrow to a child last year it inspired him to embark on a new mission: educating the public and expanding the registry. Michael has three drives scheduled this year and is actively working with his fraternity, Iota Phi Theta​, to help increase awareness in the African-American community about the need for more donors of color. 
With donors like Michael we WILL change the odds for patients in need of a transplant! Join Michael and register to become a potential bone marrow donor today. #Donor #DBCLifesaver #Fraternity #DeleteBloodCancer #Community #DonorDrive
Our team is headed to the Mile High City (Denver, Colorado) for @stupidcancer's #CancerCon. We look forward to sharing our mission and connecting with the #CancerCon community. Stop by our booth for info and swag! #StupidCancer #DeleteBloodCancer #DeleteCancer #OnTheRoad #ForGood #CancerCon #Conference #GetSwabbed #HostADrive
At 3 months old, Nele was diagnosed with a very rare form of leukemia. Today, Nele needs a bone marrow transplant to survive, as her situation has become much more dire. Her parents began a registration campaign inspired not only by their daughter's need, but also by the realization that so many other parents across the world are facing the same situation as they are.
Help Nele find a match by registering today and sharing her story! #cancersucks #leukemia #Cancer #Beamatch #beablessing #cute #browneyes #babyphoto #dkms #deletebloodcancer #wednesday
We don't need no stinking plastics. Cheers to always keeping it green! #EarthDay #SaveTheEarth #Cheers #NoToPlastics #MoreMugs #Recycle #GoGreen #LiveGreen #EnvironmentallyFriendly #CleanAir
We're registering potential bone marrow donors with @sharemarrow2015 in front of the #NYSE (and in front of the coolest van on the road). If you're in the #NYC area, stop by and sign up to be a potential lifesaver. #DKMS #deletebloodcancer #Register #WallStreet #ShareMarrow #NYC
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