You can save a life

Register as a potential bone marrow donor and you could give a patient fighting blood cancer a second chance at life. Host a campus donor registration drive and you could help give many patients second chances! Hosting a drive is an easy, fun and rewarding way to do good and look great as you and your friends register dozens, hundreds and maybe even thousands of potential lifesavers. That’s something that’s sure to top your list of amazing college—and life—experiences.


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“Do it! We all want to leave the world a better place, and planning a bone marrow drive is one way to touch the world in a positive way.”
—Maggie, who registered 1,069 students at U. of Minnesota-Duluth

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• Blood cancer kills more people under 20 than any other disease in the U.S.

• When chemotherapy can’t beat it, a bone marrow transplant
may be a patient’s only chance for survival.

• 30% of patients find a matching donor within their family,
but 70% must turn to the national registry to find one.

• Every year, more than 13,000 patients need transplants
from unrelated donors.

Diversity matters. Most patients find a compatible donor in
someone who shares their ancestry.

Donating is easier than you think. In most cases, cells are collected
via the blood stream in a process similar to giving plasma. Less often, marrow is collected from your hipbone. Most donors are back to regular routines within days after donating.

“Donating feels good. This is actually helping somebody out there who needs it. Somebody who’s dying.”

Please submit your contact info along with an e-mail explaining your interest in becoming a Campus Rep.


You and your group of friends, teammates, sorority sisters, fraternity brothers or club members pick the time and location and recruit volunteers. We provide you with everything you need to promote the event and register donors. On drive day, it takes just minutes for students to sign up, swab their cheeks and become potential lifesavers—all at no cost to them or you.


Every potential donor you register is another chance to save a life. Want proof?

University of Massachusetts, Amherst    6,588 registered  245 matches  22 donated
University of Missouri           5,596 registered    327matches   50 donated

Join this lifesaving list! No drive is too small. Or too big, of course.



Helping us to save lives feels amazing and makes you shine on campus and on your résumé. After the drive, we’ll provide you with a certificate tallying how many people you registered and, as time goes on, we’ll tell you how many of them go on to donate. Those are numbers you’ll want to post and tweet about. We certainly will!


Please submit your contact info and an e-mail explaining your interest in working with Delete Blood Cancer to us.

1-How do I get a drive started?
You can email or call us at 866-340-3567 and one of our Drive Coaches will get in touch with you to discuss the scope of the drive and provide you with great tips on planning and hosting it. The Drive Coach will work with you from start to finish and can help with everything from recruiting volunteers to providing you with customized promotional materials to training you and your volunteers how to educate and register new potential donors. You’ll work hard, learn a lot and come away feeling like you really made a difference.

2-How much time does it take?
We request a minimum of 4 weeks to plan and promote a drive, but 5-6 weeks is best. During that span, you can expect to devote at least a few hours a week to planning and promoting. The more people you have helping you, the easier it is to integrate the drive into your already busy schedule. We can tell you that the more time you put into planning, the better your results will be. If you have time concerns, share them with your Drive Coach, who can help you find the most time-efficient ways to get a drive off the ground.

3-How many volunteers do I need?
You can never have too many! The average drive has 4 tables and we recommend having 2-3 volunteers staffing each one.

4-Where should we hold the drive on campus?
The best locations are those with plenty of foot traffic and where people will have the time to stop. Dining halls, residence halls, the lobbies in campus movie theater or performing arts auditoriums and fitness centers are great spots. Student Centers and other buildings where people are generally in a rush or where there will be other events and promotions that might compete with yours are not always the best spots.

5-Can you provide a Certificate of Insurance?
Absolutely! Just ask the Delete Blood Cancer Drive Coach you are working with to provide it.

6-How do I promote the drive?
Early and often! This is where time commitment comes into play. You’ll need to find out what your campus allows in terms of what you can post (flyers, posters) and where. That will help you determine what and how much you need. From there, your Drive Coach can provide you with customized poster, flyers, online ads and more that your team can use to promote the drive. We can also help you set up social media pages.