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Keeping in touch helps us track down donors quickly if they are found as a potential life-saving donor.

If you are identified as a match for a patient, the only way DKMS can contact you is by using the information you provided when you registered with us. Please fill out the form below or call us at 1.866.340.DKMS(3567) if any of your information or health status has changed, so we can update our donor database.

It is devastating to patients and their families if a potential match cannot be reached so updating your information is vital.

NOTE: If you registered with a donor center other than DKMS, please contact the donor center you think you may have registered with.
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Our current online form is under construction, please email us the following information if you want to update your information:

  • Date of Birth: *
  • Donor ID (optional)
    The ID number from your donor ID card
  • Registration Status: * 
    a) I wish to remain on the registry 
    b) I no longer wish to be a registered bone marrow donor
    (If you choose to be removed, an official confirmation letter will be mailed to you within a week)
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  • Health Status Change (optional)
    (Please describe your condition and we will be in touch shortly to let you know whether you are still eligible to be a donor.)

Please email us if you want to update your information. Our current online form is under construction.

INFO: +1-866-340-3567

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